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How do I access my TU Delft email?

You can also access your e-mail via webmail.tudelft.nl. You can log in with NetID and password. Go to webmail.tudelft.nl. You can log in with your NetID and password.

Is TU Delft English?

All our Master’s programmes are taught in English. Only the Bachelor’s programmes Aerospace Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences & Engineering and Nanobiology are fully taught in English.

What is NetID Tudelft?

The NetID account is your username by which you are known to the TU Delft. Synonyms of the NetID are: username or userid. Your NetID can be used to get access to ICT services (e.g. Brightspace or webmail). The NetID is a unique code that has been assigned to you by the TU Delft.

How do I apply to Delft?

We prefer applicants to meet one the following requirements:
  1. A TOEFL** (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 100 and a minimum score of 21 for each section (internet-based test). …
  2. or IELTS** (academic version) overall band score of at least 7.0 and a minimum of 6.0 for each section.

Is TU Delft recognized?

TU Delft has three officially recognized research institutes: Research Institute for the Built Environment, International Research Centre for Telecommunications-transmission and Radar, and Reactor Institute Delft.

How much does Delft cost?

Delft University of Technology Fees
Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
B.E. / B.Tech(2 Courses) (36 months) Euro 14.89 K
M.Arch(1 Courses) (24 months) Euro 19.2 K
MIM(1 Courses) (24 months) Euro 18.36 K
B.Sc.(1 Courses) (36 months) Euro 14.2 K

What is TU Delft known for?

Delft University of Technology: By any measure, TU Delft is one of the world’s leading research universities. Delft consistently ranks very high among institutions of higher education globally.

Is it difficult to get in TU Delft?

Ah yes, the quintessential question associated with anyone who is about to join TU Delft. Let me put you at ease by saying no, it’s not impossible. It’s difficult and you would have to most probably sacrifice a lot in terms of work-life balance, but its definitely doable.

What is the acceptance rate of TU Delft?

The overall acceptance rate of the university is about 65% for all the programmes and applicants, irrespective of their nationalities.

How many international students does TU Delft have?

A good 21% of all students at TU Delft are international students.

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